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I'll take a look into the problem. Thanks for the info.
I post using Opera browser via Quick Reply.
Let me try again.
Test again.
I'm posting with Flock browser via Quick Reply.
Loading, loading. Have to refresh the browser. Same with cyborg.
It's still loading loading. Have to refresh browser.
The problem has been resolved. It is caused by Page Speed Optimization. I have disabled this option.

Hi cyborg, please try again. Thanks.
It's ok now. Thanks.
Your admin has made some mistakes in DNS setting that caused the forum down for so long. Sorry, sorry.
Your admin has also changed the HTTP server from Apache to Nginx.
Nginx (pronounced "engine X") is a HTTP server developed by Igor Sysoev, known for its high performance, stability, and low resource consumption.
We have changed hosting company again. The forum went down for several hours this morning because we were moving. is now hosted at, a VPS hosting provider. With this hosting, the website should load faster.

Your admin has also changed the HTTP server from Nginx to Cherokee. Nginx is actually very good, but there were some bug that your admin was unable to debug in time for the forum to go online this morning, so your admin changed to Cherokee. Cherokee is a very fast, flexible and easy to configure Web Server.

With these modifications, the forum should provide high availability and high perfomance. Thanks for the support.
Thanks so much Admin! Though I must admit I don't understand most of the technical aspects of hosting the forum, I am glad you are cognizant and on top of things.

I'd like to extend my gratitude for that. Have a great weekend! Big Grin
Finally I am able to access to this forum again Smile
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