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Full Version: Zoom Video Communications
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I think it is very refreshing to have the CEO say "I don't know" to his board (well, he's the founder though) and then display the same candor by revealing it to mainstream media.

Zoom became the pandemic’s social network. Its founder is well aware of the pressures that brings

At some point, though, the pandemic will end. Will Zoom go back to being a corporate videoconferencing company? “I have no answer,” Yuan says. His board asked him that very question a few days earlier, and he told them the same thing. Currently, while many new users aren’t paying for the service, some have signed up for Zoom’s paid tiers, and some corporate clients upgraded when they sent their workforces home.
also refreshing to hear a CEO say the stock price is too high. dont think ive ever heard that before.
"He went on Bloomberg Television complaining that “the price is too high” and implored employees to get back to work"